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Here at Squareft, we help our clients navigate a three-part home-finding experience.

The Foundation

It all starts with research. Our in-house property experts evaluate client-approved real estate markets, evaluate potential home investment options and more. Additionally, buyers looking for new residences can access personalized sales services, easing the traditionally difficult shifting process.

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The Structure

Strong bones make the home. With one or more viable properties in play, our staff organize inspections, negotiate with sellers and oversee closing activities – all in the service of finding clients quality homes that not only meet their needs but also promote prosperity for years to come.

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The Finishing Touches

Four walls and a few fixtures are not enough. Every home should reflect the family that resides within through its decor. Our team can help homeowners select paint, furniture and the other interior pieces that add character to a residence. We also provide property management services for clients who wish to rent their spaces.

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